Terms of Service

Last Updated: November 26th, 2017

This policy outlines the information Active9.com collects about your experience interacting with Active9.

  • Active9 is an Internet Technology & Search solutions provider using services located at the domain Active9.com here known as Active9 provides services through employment of technologies and devices. All logo's, descriptions, and other trademarked content are copyright their respective owners. Applications and Websites created by Active9 follow guidelines outlined within the DMCA as well as many other legal documentations and ISO standards. Use of other sites and applications that link to other products not controlled by Active9 are copyright their respective owners. users must also be aware that in utilizing any linked to services or sites they are no longer controllable by Active9. These products and services are provided as-is for the express free use to all. We strive to keep our services Warez Free, legal, & ensure No personally identifiable information is ever track-able back to your IP or location by a 3rd party. All services provided by Active9 are considered "Private".
  • Active9.com employs a Disclaimer
  • Active9.com uses a strict Privacy Policy
  • By using software, products, and websites created by active9.com you are bound to abide by and understand the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.
  • You have the right to distribute personally and commercially the free applications we provide where it is legal in your country.
  • You have the right to utilize these applications and websites for non-commercial (free to use) use only.
  • You do not have the right to reverse engineer or deploy attacks on our services or servers. We monitor all attempts and proxy trace users back to their origin usually accurate within 15 miles. Attackers may be subject to ban or legal measures.
  • You do not have the right to charge a monetary value for anything provided free by Active9 including this application.
  • Non Free or Paid applications provided by Active 9, An Affiliate, or Subsidiary may not be redistributed or resold without the express written consent of Active9.
  • Active9.com follows the guidelines and specifications outlined in the DMCA.
  • Active9 legal policies may apply to sites we partner with, own, or otherwise utilize Active9 Technologies on which will clearly be outlined and linked back to this Terms of Service.
  • Active9 may license software to users or other third parties that may or may not require a specific license or may employ it's own terms and conditions which will append to but not overrule any definitions set forth by active9 for any and all legal terms.
  • Active9 holds the right to use tracking cookies to identify non personal and personal settings which might apply.
  • Active9 cookies are in no way are used or tied into any financial method of profit and are not in any way used to taylor advertisements to you or your IP address.
  • Active9 grants you the right to delete any and all cookies set by Active9.
  • Active9 can not guarantee the accuracy or up time of our services.
  • Active9 holds the right to at any time terminate service for a single user, multiple users, countries, or all IP address on the Internet.
  • Active9 holds the right to at any time change the Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy with or without notice. You agree to and have read and understand the terms of service provided herein.
  • Active9 holds limited rights to content you share. We may use content you share on our Network, Affiliate Networks, & Advertisements. You herein grant Active9 the right to share any content in which you have shared with us. You may however request content be removed by contacting us. Your intellectual property may also be shared and reused with or without your permission. You herein grant Active9 full rights to use your content as stated previously.
  • Communications between members may or may not be monitored. All person to person experiences are out of the control of Active9. You agree that no action may be taken against Active9, It's Affiliates, or Advertisers based on the merit of any other member or non member of Active 9. We provide a safe and clean environment for people to engage and share. Complaints against users will be handled by our support staff.
  • You do not have the right to attack, hinder, impair, or otherwise deface any Active 9 Property, Product, or Service. All violators are subject to ban.
  • You do not have the right to overwrite any service created by Active 9 for re-use in your own projects.
* By using Active 9 or any of our Products or Services you understand and agree to the above terms of service.