Last Updated: November 26th, 2017

This policy outlines the information collects about your experience interacting with Active9.

  • 1.a
    1. does not collect or resell any identifiable information about a users search data, search history, browser data, ip location, or geo location.
  • 1.b
    1. Our strict Do Not Track policy means your browsing information on Active 9 is not tracked.
  • 2.a
    1. All links leaving Active 9 are encrypted and remove the referrer domain.
  • 3.a
    1. No third party assets are loaded. This includes but is not limited to advertisements, cookies, javascript, css, images, and video.
  • 3.b
    1. No third party tracking is used. (Such as Google Analytics)
  • 4.a
    1. Your private data is never sold, resold, redistributed, or given away.
  • 5.a
    1. Location tracking is used to determine your general latitude and longitude position. This geo data is used to determine the sun and moons position relative to the date and time you are accessing Active9. This geo sol data is used for advanced gui features such as the night / day navbar theme changes that occur on the top of This data is never stored on our servers only locally in a cookie on your browser. Your geo data is never tracked or saved on our servers.