Anonymous Searching

Active 9 Search is a fully anonymous search engine. Results are not taylored to your location but to your search terms. We ensure no 3rd party has access to your search data. All links out from to search result sites are referrer encrypted so the keyword terms you used can not be traced by tools such as Google Analytics. Your search data is never stored or sold and communications from your device to active9 are SSL encrypted. This means you are truely 100% anonymous while searching using Active 9.

1. Not Tracked

You are never tracked by your ip or location while using Active 9 Search.

2. Filter Bubble Pop

Search results are not filtered in any way except by key word.

3. No Advertisers

Advertisers sneak their tracking codes into advertisements. We don't allow any!

4. Anonymous Referral

When clicking search links to external sites your referral key words are masked so the site you visit can't read them.